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2 Minutes to Win It Awards

Posted on Monday, March 27th, 2017 by Jan I Szelkowski.
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It was a spectacular effort by 19 students from all around Greensboro on Thursday, March 23 at HQ Greensboro. This semester, we received 72 valid entries. Those entries came from UNCG, NCAT, Bennett, HPU, GTCC and Elon and included freshmen through graduate students. A total of 35 different majors represented from Bio-Chemistry to Gerontology to Vocal Pedagogy, with Business Administration being the most popular major.

These students were presenting 2 minute business pitches for a chance to win up to $1000 prize and a multitude of services provided by our fabulous sponsors. Facing off in front of nearly 40 business and non profit professionals, these students from, sophomore to PhD, pitched their ideas.  The panel of judges were focused on the originality and viability of the ideas as well as the strength of the presentation.

Spring 2017 Winners

First Place

Chase Smith – UNCG  –

RFID and fingerprint enabled locks, and lockboxes, with a web UI for managing industrial plants lockout/tagout processes. This product would serve to ensure the safety of the employees performing the repairs, physical locks are placed on the valves, and breakers, to guarantee they can’t accidentally be reenergized.

The stakes for safe operations, and legal compliance, could not be higher for manufacturers. It’s time, money, safety, and reputation. The system is a safety partner providing the end-to-end solutions manufacturers need keep their people safe and working efficiently.

Second Place

Sheeba Dawood – UNCG JSNN – Nano Therapeutics

Research to develop photo dynamic device which can cure breast cancer through nanotechnology.The device is manufactured to have a source of visible light which is capable of triggering nano particles which act as a drug carriers. It is one of the unique therapy compared to chemotherapy and radiation therapy which has number of side effects.

There are number of evidences for nano particles that have shown to be very effective and promising in the field of cancer as it exhibit number of properties. The combination of nano particles with photo dynamic therapy is at nascent stage.But the work done so far have been to proved to be very promising.

Third Place

Piper Hudson – UNCG – Black Gold Compost

This enterprise will offer both a product, in the form of composted fertilizer, and a service, in the form of compost material pickup and delivery.  The company’s primary goal is to employ under-served young men in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

There is a growing interest in solid waste recycling and disposal. Global warming awareness has gained a lot of attention in the last few decades, and it is estimated that 34% of greenhouse gases come from improperly disposed of food waste.  My enterprise will make use of social media to engage people in the waste process and educate them about the importance of proper disposal, as well as use the latest technology for efficient routing and pick up scheduling.

Best Presentation

Erika Bridges – HPU– The Pantry

A small grocery store that will operate from an app and small locations. The difference is that there are limited physical products in the store. Shelves will be lined with pictures of items, along with a description. Customers will use their smartphone app, or provided scanner to generate a shopping list.  Groceries are then delivered in branded reusable bags, this concept combines grocery delivery with a streamlined shopping experience. The target market is commuters normally riding public transportation where it is inconvenient to carry grocery bags with them and elderly people who may not be able to physically carry the groceries.

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