2017 Forge Makerships Awards

Congratulations to our 2017 Forge Makership recipients!  On March 23, the NC Entrepreneurship Center presented not one, but three Makerships to UNCG students who demonstrated an elevated desire and need for the community and tool the Forge ,akerspace povides. Joe Rotundi, the Forge Executive Director was on had to present the award to the following students:

Matthew Froehling – Matthew is a Senior in Entrepreneurship who also owns a DJ business. He applied for the Forge Makership in order to get access to tools to prototype new ideas and build products for his current businesses. He has experience with 3D printing, wood and metal working, but hopes to learn more skills to build portable DJ facades, a photo booth, foldable table stands and other DJ-related projects to grow his business.
Amanda Lenz – Amanda is a Senior in Psychology. She applied for the Forge Makership to become more engaged with the maker and crafter community here in Greensboro. She has over 5 years’ experience working with a variety of materials and is most looking forward to using the industrial sewing machines at the Forge to grow here handbag business she started in 2013. She has been making one-off leather handbags and sells them online through her company Helene Dorothy, visit HeleneDorothy.com to see all her products.
Seth Allred – Seth is a Junior studying Business Administration. He applied for the Forge Makership to learn new techniques and expand his skillsets. He is already familiar with 3D printing, sewing, molding, casting, wood and metalworking through making props and replicas on commission for costuming and cosplay. He hopes to use the tools at the Forge to make more props, increase is skillsets to offer more commissions as well as learn how to work circuitry with a raspberry pie.