Announcing the Winners!

March 22, 2016

UNCG Entrepreneur Day, this year brought 80+ entrepreneurs to the campus to share their stories, trials and successes with students across many varied disciplines. We had editors, historians, accountants, artists, chefs and bloggers – there was a multitude of career successes on campus, a great many of whom are alumni of UNCG.

All the entrepreneurial spirit of the day enhanced the presentation of the NCEC’s annual awards. Provost Dana Dunn bid welcome to a large gathering in the Virginia Dare Room and reflected on the importance of having that creative spirit in all fields of study.

Following the provost, NCEC Director, Justin Streuli announced the winners of the Forge Makership – a one year membership to the Forge Greensboro. With our partner Joe Rotondi, Executive Director of the Forge, we were able to present 3 memberships this year. The winners are:  Sarah Kim, Logan Lovin, and Ian Surman!

Jerry McGuire, retired Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, spoke a few minutes on his time at UNCG and was pleased to congratulate the finalists and the winner of the Entrepreneurial Student of the Year Award. Our finalists were Richard & Natalie Akashambatwa, and Larry Long Jr., Robin Moulton, and Malcolm Moore. The winner is Naomi Thomas with her efforts to encourage children especially young girls to study Computer science with Aspire IT.

Please congratulate our winners and finalists when you see them out and about!