Forge Makerships 2019

UNCG Forge Makership:

The UNCG Forge Makership is meant to help UNCG students become part of the local maker and entrepreneurial community. Today, one of these student finalists will get a free 1-year membership to the Forge Makerspace, just around the corner here in downtown Greensboro. Before we announce the winner, I’d like to bring up Executive Director of the Forge Joe Rotondi to share more about the Forge and what a student receiving a 1-year Forge Makership will have access to. Joe –

We have two students that were selected as finalists for this year’s Forge Makership.

Stephanie Masullo – Stephanie is a Public Health Education and Health Studies Major scheduled to Graduate in Spring 2020. Her favorite past “maker” project was working with her brothers to build their own home growing up. She hopes to leverage her passion, work ethic, skills and artistic experience to create new innovative products to aid individuals in meeting their health-related needs. She has designs and plans for 30 projects to execute over the next 24-months should she be awarded this makership.

MaryGrace Beard – MaryGrace is a New Media and Design Major scheduled to Graduate in Fall 2019. She has experience in metal – working with plasma cutters, torches, saws and welders, while also having the skillsets to sew, paint, carve and sculpt. She hopes to leverage the Forge makership to expand her skillsets further, but also improve on the things she knows, using metals to make furniture and “monster” sculptures. Both of these finalists are looking to leverage there skills and there membership to the Forge to grow their skillsets, hobbies and potentially businesses.

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