10th Annual Virtual UNCG Entrepreneur Day

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Credit Ryan Mendoza

October 27, 2020,

Video recordings from the day are available here!

Goals for 2020: 

  • Though we can’t host UNCG Entrepreneur Day in person for 2020, we still want to connect UNCG students, faculty, and staff with successful local entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives through this cornerstone event. We have scheduled an exciting group of 2020 Speakers, many of whom are UNCG alumni, to share their stories and provide exceptional advice to the UNCG community. 


  • Students – Receive exposure to new potential career paths, opportunities and connections
  • Faculty – An easy way to add a guest speaker with content relevant to courses
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    Credit Chris Montgomery


  • Successful speakers are scheduled throughout the day, via Zoom, coordinating with class times on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.
    Sessions will be hosted in Zoom Webinar format, allowing for live viewing with interactive Q&A.
    UNCG Entrepreneur Day is free and open to ALL UNCG students, faculty, and staff!
    Follow directions in the “How to Participate” section below to register and attend.


  • Since 2012, approximately 70 classes with 2,000+ students have hosted speakers each year
  • 110 different faculty members in 51 different subject areas have hosted 142 different guest speakers.
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    Credit Oluwatobi Fasipe

How to Participate:

To register to attend the Zoom, please follow the link under Time/Topic to get the registration information for each speaker. An email will be sent with the Zoom link after confirmation.

OCTOBER 27, 2020 SPEAKER SCHEDULE           Click on Class Time to Register!

For any questions about UNCG Entrepreneur Day, please reach out to NCEC Assistant Director Jan Szelkowski <jiszelko@uncg.edu>.